May we know our center.  May we come back into balance with each other, with the earth, with all our relations. May all be well.  May all be one.  Om Maa.     


Whether you view spirit photos, read the blog, check out my research, or schedule an intuitive session (Sparkle Goddess Spiritual Readings, here or on FB :)...

I invite you to join me on a journey of becoming - a journey that calls us to 'follow the energy,' follow desire, follow our bliss.  This journey has taken me across cultures and spiritual practices and from social justice to feminist liberatory praxis. 

It also calls for a return to center again and again, as we seek to reconcile the beauty and the challenge of the earth plane - a paradox that exists all around us, and not the least within :) 


Mari Ziolkowski, Ph.D.
Author, Fierce Shakti/Fierce Love